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Guangzhou Hangfang Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Hangfang Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
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Guangzhou Hangfang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in green and energy-saving products, integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, maintenance and installation services. Products independently developed and produced by the company: integrated integrated air energy water heater, pump, constant pressure variable frequency water supply control system, mobile pressurized pump room and other products. It is widely used in water supply for temporary construction of construction sites, sprinkler systems, heating of living areas, central hot water systems in office buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, secondary pressurized domestic water supply, municipal water supply, factory energy-saving renovation systems, etc. It has the advantages of power saving, labor saving, safety, simple maintenance and convenient use. After years of technical improvement and on-site installation and debugging experience, it has been widely recognized by customers. The company has a dedicated and high-level technical team in the industry, strictly abides by the national constitution, laws, regulations and policies, responds to the call for green and environmentally friendly buildings, designs products that are environmentally friendly, energy-saving and cost-effective, opens the way with quality, wins with service, and establishes Brand. unfold
Guangdong Guangzhou Huangpu District 黄埔区黄埔大道东854号313房
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